About Me

Born and raised in Southern Indiana, I am married to my wife Lindsay and we have 3 crazy kids. From an early age, I found myself constantly wanting to draw or build something whenever I had the opportunity. Through the years, the desire to create has only become stronger.

I Draw Everyday

Whether it's for personal relaxation or a new project I'm engaged in, I sketch and illustrate almost nonstop.

I Build Things

From building homes to furniture making, or even legos with my kids, I'm always taking ideas and transforming them into reality.

I'm a Photographer

I love capturing moments that allow us to look back and have an accurate documentation of those special times in our lives.

Passion Fuels Me

“Creativity is something that needs fed constantly. My mind is always going, always thinking of that next idea. It's a blessing and a curse, but I enjoy the challenge.”

Derek Payne

A Few Random Tid Bits

Jesus is My Personal Lord and Savior

I try to walk as Jesus did and follow the Word of God on a daily basis. I have been blessed beyond belief and I owe everything to Jesus who died for my sins. As a parent, I strive to instill that belief and teaching to my kids.

I Wrote and Illustrated a Kids Book

I was inspired to created a book because of my kids. This was a fun project that allowed me to showcase writing, art direction and illustration.

I Dabble in Woodworking

I grew up working with my dad in the home building industry. That desire to build and work with wood led me to craft furniture. Our home is filled with pieces I've made. It's another creative outlet and activity I truly enjoy.

I Owned a Photography Company

For roughly 5 years I photographed portraits and weddings and was voted one of the best photographers in Louisville. I took a step back last year to spend more time with family. I still love taking photos and capturing moments.

I hope this gives you a little insight on who I am as a person and tells you a little more about myself.

If you like to meet and talk design, art or a particular project please don't hesitate to email me.

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