The Design Process

UI/UX design is a production process, but at its core lies a service that you are providing to your clients. Having an effective and lean process that has clearly defined roles and stages (and making sure you stick to them) is key in delivering amazing results everyone can be proud of.

A Path to Success

Put Ideas Into Wireframes & Prototypes

People get hung up on what they see. I try to separate the thinking process and UX considerations from the visual design, which helps focus on the idea and strategy, rather than the cluttered details. It forces decisions to be made that are directly related to the problems we are trying to solve and provides a clear picture for moving forward.

Collaborate with Developers

Whether I'm coding the front-end or I'm working with a team to do that, having a close relationship with developers and getting their input is extremely valuable. I pride myself on being able to hand off front-end components and work directly along side developers to make sure the ideas and solutions we implement are consistent and how they were intended. Regular UI and functionality demos are a must.

Ask the Right Questions

Learning about what the user needs, rather than what they want is extremely important. During the requirement gathering stage, my job is to figure out the problems and end goals then present ideas that work to accomplish that.

Polished Mockups Add a Pulse

Building upon the approved wireframes, high-fidelity mockups are extremely important. This is where the ideas and proposals start to gain life and a client can visually understand how the end product will be displayed to their users. For me, this is the most exciting stage.

QA Testing & Feedback

I see the UI/UX team as an extension of the QA Team, especially for any front-end and user-affected projects. Before any UI component is pushed to production, the UI/UX team should have signed off. By keeping the QA Team up to speed and involved along the way, they will be crucial to making sure the product releases as intended and assist in catching any unforseen hiccups before release.

My Work

Here are a few selected projects I've worked on that highlight my experience and capabilities.

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I love being a part of challenging projects and delivering solutions that work.

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